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and the facilities
you are looking for.


Purchase through a
safe transaction. Upon completion,
you will receive
a prepaid parking pass.


When you arrive
show your pass and arrange
your facilities.

Parking reimagined

for events
Experience the advantage of reserving a parking spot at the venue in advance, guaranteeing availability upon your arrival for games, concerts, and other events.
for the airport
Conduct a search for the most favorable parking offers in close proximity to the airport, analyze pricing, and make a reservation in advance. Retrieve information about extended parking options, valet assistance, and more amenities.
for venue owners
If you manage a location where parking is not available, you now have the option to offer parking space reservations in addition to your regular bookings.
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Space advantages

Dynamic Pricing: Our platform adjusts pricing based on demand, location, and time, ensuring optimal cost for users and returns for hosts.

AI-Driven Customer Service: We employ AI for swift, efficient, and accurate customer service, reducing wait times and improving user satisfaction.

Advanced Analytics: Our platform harnesses AI analytics to understand user behaviour, forecast demands, and provide insights to hosts.

Empowering Individuals: Unlike many platforms, we allow individual hosts to list their personal parking spaces, offering an additional income stream.

Predictive Capabilities: Space uses data to predict parking conditions based on local events, weather, holidays, and real-time traffic, ensuring users are always ahead of the curve.

3rd Party Collaborations

Insurance Providers: For coverage of listed spots and parked vehicles.

Booking-Making Businesses: Like restaurants and gyms, which can ensure their customers have parking.

Ride-sharing companies: like Uber, to provide a comprehensive transport solution.

EV Charging Companies: Facilitating greener transportation.

Event Organizers and Venues: Offering dedicated parking solutions for events.

Local Businesses and Retailers: Providing services to users during their parking duration.

Security and Surveillance Companies: For installing cutting-edge parking technology and ensuring user safety.

Parking space owners

We empower property owners to monetize their unused parking spaces by listing them on the platform, whether it’s for an hour or several days.

To unite drivers with prime parking locations while empowering businesses to provide essential parking solutions for their visiting patrons.

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