A: Space stands out in a multitude of ways:


    • Dynamic Pricing: Our platform adjusts pricing based on demand, location, and time, ensuring optimal cost for users and returns for hosts.
    • AI-Driven Customer Service: We employ AI for swift, efficient, and accurate customer service, reducing wait times and improving user satisfaction.
    • Advanced Analytics: Our platform harnesses AI analytics to understand user behaviour, forecast demands, and provide insights to hosts.
    • Empowering Individuals: Unlike many platforms, we allow individual hosts to list their personal parking spaces, offering an additional income stream.
    • Predictive Capabilities: Space uses data to predict parking conditions based on local events, weather, holidays, and real-time traffic, ensuring users are always ahead of the curve.
  • Broad 3rd Party Collaborations:

– Insurance Providers: For coverage of listed spots and parked vehicles.

– Booking-Making Businesses: Like restaurants and gyms, which can ensure their customers have parking.

– Ride-sharing companies, like Uber, to provide a comprehensive transport solution.

– EV Charging Companies: Facilitating greener transportation.

– Event Organizers and Venues: Offering dedicated parking solutions for events.

– Local Businesses and Retailers: Providing services to users during their parking duration.

– Security and Surveillance Companies: For installing cutting-edge parking technology and ensuring user safety.

A: While our expertise lies in problem solving, communication, design and software, ensuring our platform’s technical robustness, our Aerodynamics and ergonomics engineer brings a unique perspective on space utilisation, efficient design, and user-centric experiences. We believe parking, though ground-based, is essentially about optimising spaces, much like aerodynamics optimises airflows. Combining tech with space optimisation gives us a fresh approach to an old problem.

A: Initial onboarding will be through targeted local advertising, collaborations with property agencies, and direct outreach. As we gain traction, word-of-mouth and our platform’s incentive programs will encourage more hosts to list their spaces. Furthermore, we have user & host education programs to ensure hosts understand the platform’s benefits and operational aspects.

A: We have a detailed “City Expansion Blueprint”, which covers understanding local regulations, acquiring city-specific data, localised marketing campaigns, hiring local support, forging partnerships with local businesses, pilot programs, and cultural adaptations. Each city poses unique challenges, and our systematic approach is designed to cater to these nuances.

A: We plan to leverage digital marketing, local partnerships, promotional offers, and collaborations with businesses that lack parking. Real-world testimonials, community engagement events, and highlighting the convenience and cost-effectiveness of our platform will also play pivotal roles in attracting users.

A: Beyond just being a listing platform, we harness AI and AR technologies to enhance user experience. Our focused collaboration with businesses without dedicated parking also opens up an underserved market segment. Moreover, the unique combination of our team’s skills brings a fresh perspective to the platform’s design and operations.

A: Our primary revenue streams include fees from bookings, premium listings for hosts, subscription models for businesses, and potential partnerships with local events or establishments. As we evolve, we’ll also consider introducing value-added services to diversify our revenue streams.

A: Safety is paramount. We plan to implement background checks for hosts, offer insurance coverage, and have a robust review and rating system. Our platform will also provide hosts and users with guidelines to ensure secure and hassle-free interactions.

A: This is where our “City Expansion Blueprint” comes in. One of its core components is to understand and adhere to local regulations by collaborating with local legal consultants. Ensuring compliance is a non-negotiable aspect of our expansion strategy.

A: While our immediate focus is on mastering our operations in initial cities, we envision expanding globally. We also plan to continually integrate advanced technologies and features to stay ahead of user needs and market trends. Partnering with larger establishments or even city planners for urban development projects could be on the horizon.

A: The urban parking challenge is growing, and current solutions are fragmented. Our platform not only addresses this pain point but does so with technological prowess and a unique business collaboration angle. Investing now lets you be part of a solution that’s timely, technologically advanced, and caters to a clear and present market need.

A: We’ve designed our platform to address such challenges. Firstly, we do not allow same-day bookings, which provides a buffer to ensure the availability of spots. Additionally, we actively engage with hosts, emphasising the benefits of equipping themselves with modern tracking technology to streamline operations and enhance their earning potential. We aim always to guide our hosts towards best practices while ensuring user convenience.

A: We harness AI in multiple capacities. Firstly, AI aids in optimal spot matching, analysing user behaviour and preferences to suggest the best parking options. Secondly, predictive analytics helps forecast parking demand in various locales, ensuring efficient spot utilisation. Over time, as our dataset grows, our AI algorithms will become even more refined, leading to an improved user experience.

A: AR provides an immersive and intuitive experience. Once a user books a parking spot, the AR navigation can guide them to the exact spot in real-time, which is especially helpful in large or multi-level parking areas. Furthermore, AR can visualise spot dimensions, helping drivers determine if their vehicle will fit comfortably, thereby ensuring a hassle-free parking experience.

A: Implementing AR at scale presents challenges like ensuring the accuracy of real-world mapping, addressing varying smartphone capabilities, and potential privacy concerns. We plan to collaborate with AR technology leaders to harness best practices, continually refine our AR module based on real-world feedback, and ensure our platform respects user privacy at all times.

A: Data accuracy is crucial. For AI, we rely on consistent user feedback, periodic data validation, and partnerships with local data providers. For AR, we encourage hosts to provide precise location details and may, in the future, explore options like IoT devices for real-time space availability. Our iterative development approach ensures that any discrepancies are quickly identified and rectified.

A: Absolutely, data privacy is paramount. While we harness user data to improve our AI algorithms, we ensure all data is anonymised and aggregated. No personal identifiers are used in our AI processing. We adhere to stringent data protection standards and comply with GDPR and other relevant regulations to ensure user data remains protected.

A: Our team is committed to continuous learning. We attend industry conferences, engage in tech workshops, and collaborate with tech thought leaders. Additionally, our iterative development approach means we’re always ready to integrate the latest advancements in AI and AR to ensure Space remains at the technological forefront.

A: Space offers manifold benefits to the public:


– Economic Upside for Hosts: By allowing individuals to list their unused parking spots, we enable them to generate an additional source of income, making the most of their assets.

– Cost-Efficiency for Users: Through dynamic pricing and a wide range of options, users often find more affordable parking solutions than traditional avenues.

– Reduced Stress and Time: No more driving in circles searching for parking. Users can book in advance, reducing the time and stress typically associated with urban parking.

– Environmental Benefits: Reduced time spent searching for parking means fewer emissions, contributing to a cleaner urban environment.

– Supports Greener Initiatives: By collaborating with EV charging companies, we facilitate and encourage environmentally friendly transportation.

– Enhanced City Experiences: Predictive analytics about local events, weather, and traffic conditions equip users with foresight, allowing for smoother city experiences.

– Safety: Partnerships with security and surveillance companies ensure that listed parking spots prioritise user safety.

– Convenience for Other Activities: Collaborations with local businesses and retailers allow users to get more out of their parking time, from shopping to dining.

– Integrated Transportation: Collaborations with ride-sharing companies like Uber can potentially provide end-to-end transportation solutions, from driving to parking to final destinations.

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